Established in 1978 by Mr. Turgut ACERER in his sole name as private company and started to operate its trading services and business in domestic market, ACARER METAL A.Ş. has changed the status of business into a incorporation in 1991 achieving its all determined goals since the date established. Modern, innovative, customer-oriented mind, open to developments, high performance to work withoutany concession from its quality of the services standarts, focused to achieve its goals ar the main strategies for all selected team members and leaders whose bear the same visions and policy with high backgrounds within the cooperation. ACARER METAL A.Ş. developed its services continuously as import, marketing and sales of Iron, Steel and Non-ferrous Metals in püre and alloys state and Auxiliary materials to the sector and maintains to provide the demand of clients with better quality, services, on-time deliveries with an optimum price policy in the market.

ACARER METAL A.Ş. has developed its product range and quality with increased total sales in the sector with the qualified and agressive sales team and modern equipments on its expanded storage facilities as 8000 m2 covered area within 15.000 m2 open area of Warehouse and Bounded Warehouse in Tuzla Boya and Vernikçiler Sanayi region. With the trading experience in many years as well as ISO 9001-2015 Quality Certificate, ACARER METAL A.Ş. is presently serving to around 1000 of clients of all sized providing 50 various materials with highest quality and service standarts with an approach of competitiveness which exist in its vision and mission. ACARER METAL A.Ş. operates with selected group of quality-oriented supliers from various countries of the World, importing a wide range of products for its stocks to serve on time to the needs of its clients at the optimum commercial conditions. Total Quality Management, traning and motivation of the all employees, organised and systematic approach, high produsctivity, high quality, low cost, product and market diversification, research developments and responding to the changing needs of the market conditions are the main strategies of “TOTAL QUALITY POLICY” of ACARER METAL A.Ş.