Fast and Reliable shipping with our expert staff

More than 200,000 Tons of Goods Sales and Delivery per Year


Warehouse25.000 m2

Fast and Reliable shipping with our expert staff. Anytime. Everywhere.

With our transport fleet of 25 vehicles, we safely transport all of your cargo, including your valuables.

Our most important advantage in transportation is our 25-vehicle self-owned vehicle fleet with more than 15 years of experience and alternatives that allow the transportation of different loads. • Partial and full loads,
• Safe and on time delivery,
• Experienced and expert staff,
• Service integrity with advanced technology,
• Large vehicle fleet, all self-owned,
• Continuously renewed vehicle fleet,
• Vehicle tracking via satellite with GPRS system,

Faster transportation and economic convenience on short-distance roads.
It provides convenience in loading-unloading operations and deliveries at any time, at any place.
While waiting disruptions occur in other modes of transport, this is almost rare in road transport.
It can be transported in many different volumes.
Road transport is generally preferred in international transport, as it can reach everywhere as long as the geographical location allows and is reliable.
With the importance we attach to road transportation, we, as Acarer Logistics, quickly fulfill all the demands of our customers in the field of intercity freight transportation. For all your questions, you can reach us on our 24/7 contact numbers.

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